How to Circle Text in Microsoft Word

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Date: July 3, 2022

There are many ways to make text stand out in your document. You can format the font in bold or italic or highlight the text using color. For another option, we’ll show you how to circle text in Microsoft Word.

You may want to place a circle around text to emphasize it. But you might also want to use that circled text to enhance the appearance. Whatever your reason, circling text in Word takes only a couple of steps.

Add a Shape to the Document

Open your Word document and go to the Insert tab. Click “Shapes” to view the available options.

The closest shape to a circle is the oval, which works well for circling text. Choose that option in the Basic Shapes section.

Your cursor changes to a plus sign. Click and then drag to draw the oval on your document. You can make it as large or small as you like to accommodate the text you want to circle. But remember, you can resize the shape later as well.

Now that you have your shape, you may need to adjust it so that you can see the text you circle. You can also make optional changes to the line size or color.

Format the Circle Around the Text

You can use the Shape Format tab to customize your shape.

If your shape has a fill color that you need to remove, select the shape and pick “No Fill” in the Shape Fill drop-down box on the Shape Format tab.

This allows you to place the circle over the text and see only the outline of the shape.

To adjust the line of the circle, select the Shape Outline drop-down arrow. You can then change the line color, weight, and style.

As you make your changes, you’ll see your circle update immediately. So, you can get just the right look.

Move and Resize the Circle

You can move the shape so it’s on top of the text you want to circle by simply dragging it.

If you need to make the circle larger or smaller, drag a corner or edge in or out.

You can make these adjustments to your shape until you see the ideal circle.

If your preferred method of making text pop in your document is by circling it, you can do this in just minutes. And by using the Shapes feature in Microsoft Word, you’ll have a nicely drawn circle.

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