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Date: July 22, 2022

WordPress is easy to learn and has a friendly interface

WordPress has an easy learning curve, and even if you never built a site before, with just a few hours of learning you’ll be able to build a functioning site.

This is because WordPress uses an intuitive visual editor that allows users to drag and drop elements or add pre-defined boxes that can then be modified.

This doesn’t mean it’s not designed for those who have developed sites before as WordPress gives you access to the back end of the engine giving you the power to customize it.

So, in short it is perfect for a beginner just as much as it‘s great for the seasoned developer. And if you mastered the platform then there are countless number of employers looking for WordPress developers as well as jobs for competent, robust security WordPress administrators.

The power of free templates and plugins

WordPress comes with an extensive toolbox of free-to-use features. These include themes and plugins.

Themes allow a user to choose from predefined templates that ease the time-consuming process of layout design. It also makes sure that the choice of design is consistent throughout the site. Most of the themes are mobile-friendly and include a responsive layout.

This means that your website will work great whether it’s viewed on a mobile phone or on a bigger screen. There are many free-to-use theme/templates available, but this doesn’t mean you can’t build your own website from scratch if you want to (unlike other alternative platforms).

Plugins are snippets of code that add functionality to your site without the need for you to know how to code. Let’s say you want to add a booking calendar to your site, well you will be able to find a plugin that does just that (more than one!). Some plugins are free and some cost money.

We mentioned earlier that WordPress is “open-source”.

Open-source software is free to use which means that the basic utilisation of WordPress is free. It means that if you want to learn how to use and manipulate WordPress first you don’t have to pay a licence fee to use it, but it doesn’t mean everything is free.

Other costs can be involved when building a site. It depends on your needs.

For example, if you require a personalised web address (DNS) such as www.my-site.com, or a particularly large server to handle many website visitors, then additional expenses would be involved.

And if you want to customise your website with premium themes and plugins, you’d need to buy them from the WordPress.org website— but most themes and plugins offer plenty of free alternatives. So, in all, a lot can be done for free.

WordPress is widely used, secure and SEO friendly

Since WordPress is such a widely used platform (the most popular on the web) there are several added benefits that are important to mention.

WordPress is built with robust security that is constantly updated which means you or your server are protected when you use it (as long as you keep your admin password private and back up your site).

The WordPress platform is also built with search engines such as Google in mind to ensure that your website can be found by people searching for it.

So part of your search engine optimisation (SEO) is built in the WordPress engine and all you have to do is play by the rules for it to work properly.

Online community of support out there

Finally, when choosing WordPress, you choose to be part of the biggest web community. In other words, help is widely available whether through a dedicated WordPress forum, or countless articles and video tutorials online.

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